Tianhui Zhan

A teenager stabbed a cleaner repeatedly to death because apparently he believes he is a zombie.  He was ordered to be sent to a State Hospital indefinitely.

Tianhui Zhan (19) attacked the 21 year old cleaner, Michael Davis in October 2010 in Glasgow’s West Campbell Street.  He was first declared not criminally liable due to his insanity.  The High Court order Zhan to undergo treatment at a State hospital and can only be released under the supervision and approval of the Scottish ministers and medics.
At an earlier trial, the judge told the jurors that they should declare Zhan not guilty because most of the witnesses who were present during the incident say that he is not sane.

It is said that Mr. Davis was talking to someone in his phone while doing his task of cleaning.  Zhan then stabbed him three times.  Mr. Davis went to the office where her aunt was working and he was sent to a hospital only to be declared dead.  It was later discovered that the suspect had a history of mental problem.

Zhan who was of Chinese descent was living in Canada with his parents.  He scheduled a flight to Toronto via Amsterdam but he was stopped in Netherland and extradited to Scotland because he has no passport.  When he was in a detention he told the authorities that he traveled from Toronto to Scotland because the voices inside his head told him that he should.

Zhan started seeing blood on people’s faces and claimed that Mr. Davis is a zombie that is launching an attack on him.  The psychiatrist who looks at his condition advised that he should be placed in a state hospital with high security.


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