Omaima Aree Nelson

Omaima Nelson is a model and a nanny who was convicted for murdering her husband.  The incident caught the interest of the public and the media due to the allegations of cannibalism. She was sentenced to life imprisonment and currently serving it at the Central California Women’s Facility.

Nelso was born and raised in Egypt and in 1986, she immigrated to the U.S.  She met her husband Bill Nelson in October 1991. Bill was a 56 year old pilot that time while Omaima was 23 years old.  After only a matter of days the two decided to get married.

On 1991, thanks giving day, Omaima claimed that his husband sexually assaulted her in an apartment located in California.  Omaima said that she only defended herself by stabbing him and hitting him repeatedly with an iron.  After killing her husband, she dismembered his body, cooked his decapitated head and severed hand.  The body parts were mixed with the leftovers.  There was also an allegation that Omaima castrated her husband as a form of revenge.   Omaima told the court that during the short month of being a couple, she suffered sexual abuse on the hands of her husband.

She was arrested on December 2, 1991 on the charge of murdering her husband.  It was revealed during her trial that the circumcision done on the kids living in Cairo was traumatic and painful to her.  The trauma was increased by the sexual assault committed by her husband.  She was convicted of a second degree murder and was sentenced to 28 years of imprisonment.

She was compared by the media to Hannibal Lecter.


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