Claudia Gaillard

Claudia Gaillard is also known as the Werewolf of Burgundy.  But she was more likely one of the victims of the werewolf hysteria and witch trials during the 15th century.  Between the year 1529-1630, it was documented that at least 300,000 individuals suspected of practicing witchcraft and have the ability to transform into a werewolf were executed in France alone.  Those people accused had to suffer extreme and inhumane torture before they finally admitted to the accusations.

Claudia Gaillard was a young lady then who was accused by his friends, family and neighbours that she is a werewolf.  She was examined by the Inquisitor, Henri Boguet known as one of those Inquisitors that brought many of the alleged witches to their death.  Henri Boguet, believes that the demon taught the witches the knowledge to transform into a werewolf, that is why most werewolves that day suffer the same fate of the witches.

Boguet went to Gaillard house to gather more evidence.  One of the neighbors testified that he witnessed the transformation of Gaillard to a werewolf under a bush.  The testimony of the neighbors became the basis of Boguet to skip the trial and proceed in torturing Gaillard. During her torture, it was claimed that Gaillard never showed a sign of pain and did not even cry, a sign that is telling that she was indeed a witch.  She was then burned to a stake for being a witch.


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