Robert John Maudsley

Robert John Maudsley is known by his prison mate as “Hannibal the Cannibal” after a famous fictional character of the movie Silence of the Lambs.  He was sent to prison after stabbing and strangling his own uncle.  In the 25 years of his life inside the prison he was able to kill 3 prison mates.  He cut one of the victims head open and claimed that he love the sight of the blood.

When he was sent to Broadmoor, he attacked David Francis in the year 1977 and sadistically tortured him for nine hours.  After murdering his fellow inmate, he held David Francis body to the prison staff who were bargaining for the life of Francis.

He was then taken to the high-security prison; he stabbed two prisoners to death using a homemade knife in 1979.  The chief of the prison confined him into a solitary confinement, and then was later moved to a cell that is specially constructed just for him.  The Home Secretary even made a recommendation that Maudsley should never be set free.

Maudley is one of the 12 kids and spent most of his childhood days in an orphanage.  He said that he love staying at the orphanage, he found it conducive and comfortable compared to their house wherein he lived with his parents.  But his parents took him back when he was 8 years old.  He suffered a regular beating on the hands of his parents and was later rescued by the social services.

When he turned as a teenager, he confessed that he would constantly be suffering sexual abuse in the hands of an older man, which develop his hatred and began his abuse on drugs.  The series of his gruesome crimes were neglected by the authorities until the national press took an interest on his case.  The local newspaper referred to him as “The Real Hannibal Lecter” which sensationalized the news.


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