David Paul Brown

David Paul brown is accused of murdering and feeding on the flesh of Zack Ramsay, he even served the remaining flesh to his neighbors including the families of the child.  He was sentenced to serve 130 years of life imprisonment for numerous counts of child abduction, sexual assault and aggravated assault with no chance of parole.

David Paul Brown would impersonate a policeman and assault kids.   In 1977, he was arrested and sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment for kidnapping and attempting to murder two boys.  While Brown was trying to strangle one of the kids, the other one managed to escape and asked for help.

In 1999, he was again arrested for impersonating a police.  After a thorough search conducted by the police in his house, they found several pictures of children, and a bone that is said to belong to unknown young boy.  He was then charged for kidnapping and as well as sexual assault for three boys.

The authorities also found evidence against him for the cannibalism and murder of Zach Ramsay.  According to the authorities there are evidence that Brown cooked the flesh of the young boy eat it and serve the remaining dish to his neighbors including the families of the murdered kid.  But the Mom of the murdered young boy refused to cooperate to the investigating team as she believes that her kid is still alive.

On the 13th of April, 2008, Brown was found dead, he was in a state of poor health prior to this.  The doctors found a high amount of LDL in the arteries as well as myocardial infarction and ruled it as the cause of his death.


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