Eretica is a type of vampire in Russia.  They believe that a person that is practicing a religious heresy would turn into a vampire creature after his or her death.  The witches and others who are practicing craft have a bigger chance to be an Eretica.  They can also become a vampire when one person refused to confess its sin and repent on it before he dies.   The belief about eretica started in the Russia just about the same time that Christianity starts.  They believe that being a bad Christian follower can result in a curse such as this one.  It is commonly used as a threat to those people who refused to act a normal Christian life; it’s just like scaring kids who refused to eat their broccoli with the boogeyman.

Eretica is often a woman who sold her soul to the devil when she was still alive.  He came back as a blood sucking creature cloaked in the identity of an old woman.  Every night all the ereticy (plural of erotica) would gather in one place to perform a sabbat, just like the witches of west usually do.  The Eretica’s presence can be felt during late fall or spring.

The erotica, like the western vampires also sleeps in a coffin.  But not just any type of coffin, they prefer the coffin of those people who live a life of sin.  It is said that anyone who falls into the grave of an eretica would immediately be emaciated and weaken.  What is worse than the situation is that you can get the evil eye.  The evil eye is said to grant someone a slow and very painful death.

There is a different way to destroy an eretica.  Though the staking is the same, you should not thrust her at the chest but at her back and with a stake made out of aspen.  You would then have to burn her remains.  Only then when the attack of the eretica would cease.


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