Dead Columbiana Woman Came Back to Life

A 45-year old woman from Colombiana City walks after two hours of her death.  The woman named Noevia Sernia was pronounced dead and his body was advised to be taken to funeral.  When the funeral attendant was about to inject formaldehyde on the body, the woman responded and moved her arms.  The attendant was in total shock to see that a dead person is moving.

Sernia was admitted at the Comfenalco Clinic.  The official of the clinic started the investigation but they could not produce a better explanation that could explain the bizarre incident.  Even her daughter is totally shocked to hear that her mother was alive.  Apparently her daughter was already in the funeral with her father processing the documents needed for the burial.

Prior to this the woman already suffered two cardiac arrests.  On her last heart attack, Noevia no longer responds to the resuscitation made by the doctor.  The efforts of the medical team on reviving her took almost 15-20 minutes but they are unsuccessful.

The doctors only presented the possible reason why Noevia came back to life.  One is the Lazarus Syndrome; it is the spontaneous return of the circulation after failed attempts of resuscitation.  Another possible reason is that Noevia, responded late on the drug administered to her on reviving her.

But despite of that, the thought of a dead person going back to life is an eerie incident.  The daughter is not sure whether to approach her Mom who just returns from the dead.  Is this a sign of an undead manifestation or just a case of a medical malpractice done by the clinic?


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