Morbach Monster

The Morbach monster is a legend of the Werewolf that terrorized the area of Wittlich, Germany.  A stowaway from the Napoleon’s Army named Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer is planning to go home to his hometown in Alsace.  He was with a group of Russians who were also a deserter.   By the time that they pass to Wittlich, they saw an old farm house and decided to take whatever they want.  While they were stealing stuff from the old farm house, they were discovered by the farmer and his son.  The deserters murdered both of them.

The wife saw how the deserters mutilated the dead body of her son and husband.  She allegedly cursed those people saying that every full moon, they will take the form of a vicious wolf.  Schwytzer decided to kill the wife by smashing her skull.

The curse allegedly worked on Schwytzer.  He became a rabid murderer who committed killing for his pleasure.  He would rape, steal and kill anytime he wants.  Schwytzer eventually left the company of the Russian men who have had enough of his wicked ways.  He then joined an army of bandits.  But eventually this group of men would also leave him for his wrong doings.

After some time, the legend of a wolfman who prey on cattle and human during the night spread all over the city.  There were accounts of men being brutally killed by the savage beast. 

On one night, Schwytzer saw the beautiful maiden named Elizabeth Beirle. Elizabeth was the daughter of a farmer.  He raped Elizabeth Beirle but he allowed her to survive.  After a few days, Schwytzer was spotted on the deep woods by the villagers who took him for a werewolf.  They chased him up to the village of Morbach where they managed to kill him.  She was buried to a shrine where a candle was lit.  The villagers believe that as long as the candle is burning, the werewolf would not return to their land.

After nine months, Elizabeth Beirle gave birth to a son who was allegedly the fruit of the sin that Schwytzer committed.  During this day, the descendants of her son were a respectable family from Morbach.  They never exhibited a sign of being a werewolf that was a curse from their ancestor Schwytzer.  Though there was a documented sighting of a Morbach monster on 1988 by an air force group.


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