Curse in Armenia

There is a belief in Armenia that any woman who committed a cardinal sin would be punished by a wolf curse.  Those women who will commit murder or adultery would be engulfed by the dark spirit.  The dark spirit would demand the woman to wear a skin of a wolf. The woman would have no power to resist the will of the dark spirit and once she was able to put on the wolf skin, she would be doomed to walk the earth as a wolf for seven years.

Cardinal sin does not refer to violating the Ten Commandments but it refers to the seven deadly sins that were taught by the Catholic Church.   The Seven Deadly Sins includes greed, envy, sloth, gluttony, lust, pride and wrath.

Once the woman takes the appearance of the wolf, she would start acting like a wolf and have the instinct of a wild animal.  Their humanity would be consumed by the spirit of the wolf; it wouldn’t be long before they felt the urge to kill humans.  She would first devour the flesh of her own children.  After having a feast of her children she would turn on the children of her relatives.  After every child of her relatives has been killed, she would start to prey on the innocent child in the village.  She is known to attack during the night and it is useless to lock your door since the door would magically open on her arrival.

After seven years, the woman is allowed to take off the wolf skin and return to her original form.


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