Greifsweld Werewolves

Based on the old accounts of the History books, during the year 1640, the city of Greifsweld, Germany were overrun with countless of werewolves.  They said that the number of werewolves that time were so large that they occupied the whole city.  A human that would accidentally stumble on that place would be attacked by a pack of werewolves.

It came to a point that a group of students had enough of cowering and hiding at night.  These groups of student formed an alliance that is devoted on ending the torment and terror of the werewolves.  The students give the werewolves a great fight, but in the end their human strength is nothing compared to the supernatural abilities of the werewolves.  Their bodies ended up all over the streets.  Other students who managed to survive retreated and thought of a good plan.

One of the students knew that it is not wise to fight them using their strength.  He suggested that they should all gather every silver wares they could find, buttons, silverwares, goblets, etc. They melted it and create a bullet for their pistols.  The silver bullets reinforced the students and they came back to the place to challenge the group of werewolves once again.  This time the students managed to slaughter all the werewolves and ended up the legend of the lycanthropes of Greifsweld. 


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