Hantu Langsuir

Hantu Langsuir is a vampire demon of Malaysia that shares some similar traits with the Penanggalan.  The Hantu Langsuir is described as a beautiful woman or a head of a beautiful maiden floating with its entrails and spinal column hanging down on its severed head making it looks like a tail.

People would find it difficult to prevent it from entering their house as the Hantu Langsuir can enter even the small cracks and openings of a house.  It also doesn’t just victimize random people.  The hantu langsuir has a very picky appetite and only wants the blood of a new born boy.  If at times there is no male infant present for him to feed on, it would settle on feeding on a female infant.  While other vampire would love to eat the liver and heart of a victim, this vampire entity loves to eat the entrails of the infants.  It would first drill a tiny hole in the neck of his victim to feed on their blood.

It also occasionally drinks milk from any sources he could find.  It was believed to lick the blood on the sanitary napkin of a girl with a menstrual period.  People believe that if a hantu langsuir licked the blood on the napkin, the owner of that napkin would start to feel weak since the creature is mystically draining her life energy.

If the hantu langsuir was caught in the act of feeding, it can immediately detach its head to its body and escape in a form of an owl. It also lets out a horrifying shriek as it escapes.  For a hantu langsuir to be fully destroyed, both the body and the head need to be incinerated completely.

Others believed that there are women who have the ability to see the hantu langsuir in broad daylight.


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