Helleborus; a Case of Austrian Vampire

This particular vampire case was more of a psychic vampirism.  It was believed to happen in Austria which was documented in the Occult review during the 19th Century.  A young girl was believed to be tricked by his vile uncle into robbing her with all her inheritance.  The uncle disinherited the young woman with all her richness, and pledge that he will give her with a tiny bit amount of money.

Apparently the young girl and her husband are not willing to go down without a fight.  They decided to search for a lawyer to defend their rights against the wicked uncle named Helleborus.  The couple managed to find a lawyer and court sided on the young girl, giving her back everything that her uncle stole from her.  During that time, Helleborus was already weak and suffering from tuberculosis (which is still a mystery during that time).  But despite of his ailing body he swore to the lawyer that he will take his revenge against the man.

Suddenly the lawyer fell ill; he grew weaker and weaker as the unknown sickness drained his energy.  Meanwhile the uncle gains his strength back to the amaze of the people.  As the lawyer died due to unexplained circumstances, Helleborus was in perfect condition and once again out to torment the life of the young girl.

But due to the loss of the host where he can draw the energy, Helleborus strength deteriorated and died after.  But it was said that Helleborus showed no sign of remorse for the vile thing that he has done and felt completely satisfied that his revenge against the lawyer was implemented.


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