Konrad Von Marburg

Konrad Von Marburg, an Inquisitor from Germany ordered witches to be burned to a stake for worshipping Satan and for supposedly creating diabolical creatures.  Konrad is known to be well educated who possibly received an education from a university.  He is also known for his strong belief on the teachings of the church.

But during his work as a spiritual detector, he is known to be unfair who easily believes in every accusation made in an individual.  Those who were accused would immediately be sought out by his men and would be instantly asked to repel on their sin or else they would be burned at stake.  He was commissioned by the Pope in year 1227 to eradicate heresy totally.  It was said that a panic would occur in the town that Konrad would pass through.

He is known to be sending those proven to be witches on their final resting ground.  He also believed that these witches can raise demonical creature (includes werewolves and other vampiric creatures) and command them in tormenting a whole village.  It was also noted that Konrad was against the family of the feline as he believed that black cat was necessary for performing diabolical rituals. 

Konrad accused Count Henry II of performing satanic rituals.  Henry appealed his case to the group of bishop in Mainz and was proven innocent.  Konrad was unable to accept the verdict of the bishop and demanded them to reverse their verdict.  Eventually Konrad left Mainz and returned to Marburg where he was murdered by a group of knights which were believed to be in service of Henry II.

Konrad died on July 30, 1233.


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