Houston Batman

Other region might have the tale of the lochness monster or the Big Foot, but Houston has a legend of its own that can be traced back to 1950s, The Houston Batman. 

18th of June, 1953, 2:30 am, Somewhere in Houston Heights, three neighbors said that they saw something bizarre just a few feet away from their home. After a few moments, the bizarre creature was in the headline of Houston Chronicle.

Hilda Walker, 23 years old and a housewife along with two other neighbors were sitting on their front porch when they saw something that happens to move across the lawn.  One of the witnesses described the incident as an event that is hard to believe.  The creature appears to be a figure of a man standing at around 6 ½ feet tall with wings of a bat attached on its back.  People who saw the creature instantly froze upon seeing it.  One may think about fleeing or shouting but to those who had a glance of the Houston Batman, they were shocked and frozen.

The creature stayed for 30 seconds before the image gradually vanished.  Though the idea at that time of seeing a figure of a man with a bat wings might seem to be new, the flying humanoid has been sighted in numerous occasion even on ancient times.

The creature that visited the Houston Heights on the night of June, 1953 remains a mystery up to this day.


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