Colo Colo

Colo Colo is a vampiric creature that is part of the legend of Brazil.  They are believed to be a small creature that appears to be a mix of some animals.  Like most of the vampire creatures on the South America, Colo Colo tends to feed on their victims while they were asleep.

Believing to be a part lizard, chicken and rat this creature is said to have a long neck.  Depending on the region you are in, the Colo Colo can be covered with fur, scales or feathers.   It may also possess a tail.  This vampiric does not only feed on the victim’s life force it also has a distinct taste for a person’s saliva.

While his victim is asleep, the Colo Colo would proceed in biting the person’s tongue and started to drain his life force as well as his saliva.  He will then drain you of your bodily fluids causing you to die.  There were also some accounts saying that Colo Colo loves the taste of the human brain.

If the victim managed to survive on the 1st attack, the Colo Colo would repeatedly perform the draining until his victim dies.  The victim can be easily identified; they are usually in a trance state and generally look like a zombie.

Also based on the legends, the Colo Colo is not cursed on an incarceration of evil spirit.  The Colo Colo hatched from the eggs of a hen making them similar to cockatrice and the basilisk.  They are also known to be shape shifters.

To defend yourself against the attack of the Colo Colo one should remember that the creature is vulnerable to fire.  It is also easy to tell if a Colo Colo is nearby, sometimes you can hear the cry of a new born baby, even though there is no infant present within the area.  In addition, a foul smell would permeate the air when the creature is near.


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