A creature of the lore of Scotland, Nuckelavee is known to be a monster that spread disease and ruin crops.  They usually live in the seas.  The appearance of this creature is somehow similar to a centaur which is a combination of a horse and a rider.  But the nuckelavee is a very disgusting creature, it doesn’t have an outer skin thus his veins and muscles are visible to the naked eye.

They usually leave their home during the night.  They emerge from seas and search for a human prey.  In some instances they would kill or spread plague on the livestock.  They are able to spread sickness by their breath.  Legends say that their breath is too toxic that they can kill livestock or human.

These creatures, though living in seas are scared of salt and iron.  However one has to know that they are also scared of fresh water.  If one is being pursued by a nuckelavee and managed to stumble upon a fresh water stream, the nuckelavee would stop chasing him if he managed to cross that stream.

Other than that, the only powerful creature that can stop a Nuckelavee is said to be “The Sea Mother”.  They are said to be the goddess of sea which is a part of the Scottish pagan.  One has to be reminded to not burn kelp if he suspected that a nuckelavee lives nearby.  The smell of the burning kelp is said to drive the creature insane and go into a rampage.


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