Biochip Implants

1950-1960 started the eerie technology on mind manipulation and control.  That time they were using electrical impulse being implanted in the brain of humans and animals.  Later they saw that mind-control would be the future of war thus they focus in discovering new ways on how to manipulate the way of thinking of one person.

During the 1980’s a former Medical Officer of Finland claimed that a strange object inside the brain has been showing on the X-Ray.  Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde claimed that the object is about 1 cm. long.  Then after a few years, the implant became smaller, this time it is about the size of a grain.   Luukanen-Kilde claimed that the mysterious object found inside the brain is made up of silicon and on the latter year it was made of gallium arsenide.  On this day, they said that the implants were too small that it became too impossible to remove, others have been undetectable.  These objects can easily be placed at the back of the neck if the person went under an operation.  They could implant these with or without the consent of the patient.

Last 2014, news about the government thinking about using a microchip implant as an ID surfaced the public.  The microchip would also be injected to the newborn babies.  This microchip would serve as an identification number for a person for the rest of his life.

This might be the initial purpose of the microchip, but afterwards this microchip would be connected to a super computer able to record everything they do 24/7.  Their way of thinking could easily be monitored by a computer and the radio frequency could also alter their way of thinking.  This could be the start of creating a whole nation unable to resist the command of their ruler turning each and every one of us into a slave, a modern zombification indeed.  Is there a possibility for us to turn into a zombie-nation?


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