Doppelsauger is different from doppelganger; they are a vampire of the Hanover in Germany.  They are different from other types of vampires.  Doppelsauger which literally means double sucker has an odd obsession on breast.  The probable cause of that obsession can be related to their habit when they still belong to the human world.  Doppelsauger are believed to be children who started to eat solid food but are still feeding from their mother’s breast.  They turned into a hideous creature after they died.  This child will continue to suck his own breast until it enters a form of decomposition, he will then attack a family member by sucking her breast.  It is said that his victim will undergo a rapid weight loss and eventually die.   It is interesting to note that the only part of this creature that remained fresh is his lips.

They said that there are ways in order to prevent someone from turning into a doppelsauger.  Something made of gold (cross or a coin) that is placed in the gap of the teeth is believed to be a good way to stop him from turning into a creature of the night. Dismembering the corpse head is also taken as a measure by those who believe in doppelsauger. 

Based on the local legends, the doppelsauger return to his home the same way he left the house.  So if one considered on removing the window of the house, the doppelsauger will find it impossible to return to the family’s house.  But it won’t stop him from turning into a blood sucking vampire.  The only way to ensure that he won’t turn into one is to dig his grave and hack his neck with a spade.  At that moment the doppelsauger will release a loud scream and the attack would then cease.


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