Florencio Roque Fernandez

Around 15 women were said to be the victim of Florencio Roque Fernandez by breaking inside their room and drinking their blood.  Fernandez is a serial killer who reigned during the 1950s and terrorized the area of Monteros.  He was also known as The Argentine Vampire and The Vampire Window.

Florencio Fernandez is said to be suffering from a mental disability.  He is having a hallucination and a delusion that he is indeed a vampire.  He is also known to take great pleasure in seeing blood.  Fernandez was already living in the street during his young age.  His family seems to neglect him due to his can be found at the outskirt of the town to help him cope with his fear of light.

Fernandez usually attacked on the warmth of spring or summers where town folks used to leave their windows open at night and let the cool breeze of night freshen up their rooms.  He would stalk his target for several days and he’ll make sure that she is alone at night.

After making sure that his victim is already asleep, he will immediately beat them.  The victim would wake up shocked about the presence of another man in her room.  He would then bite them usually at the trachea or carotid which resembles the way vampires bit their victims.  He apparently reached orgasm by feeding on the blood of his victim.  After reaching sexual satisfaction, he would let them bleed to death.

He was arrested by the police on the 14th of February 1960 when he was 25 years old.  The perpetrator did not resist the police arrest, at least not until he was brought to sunlight.  He was not held criminally liable to the crime due to his mental state and was ordered to be instated in a mental institution.  Fernandez died years later inside the mental institution.


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