The Case of Bill Ramsey

Bill Ramsey is known as a respectable man and work as a carpenter on the southern part of London.  He has no history of criminal record or violence.  No one predicted that the gentle carpenter would soon exhibit a sign of werewolf activity.

On the night of July 22, 1987, Ramsey went to the police station.  When he was asked by the police why he was there, he said he cannot remember anything but he is sure that he must be apprehended.  The officers laugh thinking that it was just a joke.  Suddenly Bill Ramsey went on a rampage.

He started by snarling and making movement similar to a wild animal.  He was said to lift an officer that is much bigger than him and tossed him.  The other officers came to the rescue and try to subdue Bill Ramsey.  There were about six men who tried to restraint his movement.

The 6 officers dragged him inside the cell where he continued his rampage.  Then he managed to insert his head on the dinner slot where he was trapped.  But that didn’t stop him from gnarling to those who would pass his way trying to bite and claw those who would come near him.

The police call the help of the fire fighter to remove him from the tray slot.  But the fire fighters were afraid to go near him.  They call the help of a doctor to sedate him and calm his nerves.  It supposedly took three times the average dosage for human before it took effect on him.

The next morning, Bill Ramsey woke up and claimed that he had no memory of what happened yesterday.  He was taken to the mental facility where he was first diagnosed with a clinical Lycanthropy, but unlike those who have similar cases, the drug administered to him seems no effect to remove his wolf behavior.

Then his case caught the attention of the Warren family.  Ed and Lorraine Warren was famous demonologist who works in the cases of the Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Perrons (The Conjuring) and have at least 50 years experience in ghost hunting.  They first went into the detective who investigated the case.  The detective believed that the case of Bill Ramsey concerns something that is beyond the scope of science.  Bill Ramsey was called by some as the Werewolf of Southend”.

The incident of his wolf like behavior started when he was just young, He said that there were times that his parents were scared of him because of the behavior that he is exhibiting.  Ed and Lorraine Warren were convinced that he was not suffering from Clinical Lycanthropy but with a demonic possession of a wolf spirit.  Ed and Lorraine Warren performed an exorcism.   After the exorcism Bill Ramsey no longer experience the same incident.  Other people started calling him as a werewolf-no more.


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