Creating zombie with electrode implants

It was during April of 1961 when the doctor who was performing an experiment about implanting electrode on the brain of the animals decided that it is definite time to test the experiment on human since the experiment on animals turns out a positive result.  The doctor name Dr. Gottlieb has been perfecting the method on some animals for quite some time.  Unfortunately, the disturbing result of his experiment on 3 Viet-Cong prisoners has leaked out to the public.

The team behind the project flew to Saigon and went to the hospital located in Bien Hoa.  The prisoners during the Vietnam War were already confined on that facility.  The group of agent of Subproject 94 started to place the equipment needed in a secret compound.  Then the team of the neurologist proceeds in implanting the small electrode to the brains of the VietCong prisoners.

They provided an ample amount of time for the healing of the surgical wounds caused by the implant.  After that, they were given lethal weapons such as knives and an electric simulation was run through their brain.  The experiment was done to see if the electrodes inside their brain could provoke them in killing each other.  They were doing this method in order to create an assassin that would not be able to divulge any information and would stay loyal to the one controlling him. 

After a week of running electrical simulation to their brain, the prisoners refused to kill each other.  The people behind this project ordered them to be assassinated and their bodies were burned.

This quest for creating a perfect zombie assassin started on 1961.  One can only think that they have already been successful in creating those types of zombie since it is already 2016.  Could Sirhan Sirhan be one of the victims of these mad scientists?


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