Matthew Hardman

Matthew Hardman is known as a quiet man by those who knew him and constantly stays at home.  But that belief changed when he committed to a vampiric crime that involves Mabel Leyshon, 90 years old.

No one suspected him at first because of his quiet nature until he was arrested by the authority.  During his younger years, the teacher always regarded him as a student with a proper behavior.  He is always so behave that he has no history of disciplinary action.  While growing up, his hobby is almost as similar as the hobby of other kids apart from one thing; he started to become obsessed with stuff about vampires.

Hardman has frequently visited Leyshon on his place due to the daily newspaper.  He apparently told her that their place which is full of elderly people is a best place for a vampire.  He said that it wouldn’t bother anyone if someone bit them on the neck and suck their blood since authority would just declare that they died due to heart attack.  He added that killing a pensioner wouldn’t matter at all.

The investigation took notice of his art portfolio which is full of morbid and gory images.  His art piece always involves death, murder, blood etc. 

People still find it hard to believe and could just assume what happened to quiet guy and what pushes him to killing an old lady and drinking a blood in a vampiric ritual style.  The heart of the 90-year old woman was cut out believing it would turn him into one of the creatures that he is so obsessed with.

Matthew Hardman was found guilty as the DNA of Mrs. Leyshon matched the blood on the knife found inside the Hardman’s house.  He was sentenced to spend the rest of his life inside the prison.


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