Flannan Isle Mystery

The Flannan Isle Mystery is the incident of the mysterious disappearance of 3 light house keeper during the 1900.  They left the equipment needed to survive the hostile condition of the area.
The lighthouse is being operated by three men namely Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald Macathur.  During that time the area is experiencing severe weather condition thus Hesperus (lighthouse tender) was unable to set on a trip toward the island to send the relief.  On December 26, 1900 they were finally able to reach the island due to an improved weather condition.

But on their arrival, they were surprised to see that no one in the island welcomes them and in addition the usual boxes that can be found outside in order to be restocked are not on their original area.  The captain of Hesperus, Jim Harvie set off a distress signal but there seems to be no reply coming from the keeper.

The relief keeper, Joseph Moore discovered that the entrance gate and the main door are both closed.  The beds are still unmade and oddly the clock stopped.  He returned to the landing area to inform the others about his discovery and return to the lighthouse together with a company.  Further investigation showed that all the oil lamps in the location are filled.  The only thing that is misplaced inside is an overturned chair.  Everything seems normal except of course that the three men are missing.

Captain Harvie sent a telegram to the Northern Lighthouse board saying:

A dreadful accident has happened at the Flannans. The three keepers, Ducat, Marshall and the Occasional have disappeared from the Island... The clocks were stopped and other signs indicated that the accident must have happened about a week ago.  No bodies were ever recovered.  In a ballad of Wilfrid Wilson Gibson “Flannan Isle”, the poem states about an uneaten meal on the table which is a sign that the lighthouse keeper were disturbed by something.

Yet, as we crowded through the door,
We only saw a table spread
For dinner, meat, and cheese and bread;
But, all untouched; and no-one there,
As though, when they sat down to eat,
Ere they could even taste,
Alarm had come, and they in haste
Had risen and left the bread and meat,
For at the table head a chair
Lay tumbled on the floor


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