Atlanta Child Murders

Atlanta Child Murders is the case of the missing and murdered children that happened in 1979-1981.  The incident involves 28 murdered children.  Though Wayne Williams has been implicated in two of the murders, the other cases of missing children remains unsolved.

In 1979 Edward Hope Smith (14) as well as Alfred Evans (14) disappeared both after an interval of four days.  Their bodies were later found on July 28.  They were believed to be the first victim of the Atlanta Child Murders.  On September 4 Milton Harvey (14) disappeared while he was on his way to the bank, his body was later discovered.

It was followed by the disappearance of Yusuf Bell on the 21st of October 1979.  A witness told the authority that he saw Bell getting in a blue car.  His body was later recovered in E. P. Johnson Elementary School.  Then it was followed by the first female victim, Angel Lenair, she disappeared on the 4th of March 1980 and her body was found 6 days later.  Then on the 11th of March Jeffy Mathis disappeared.

June 9, Chris Richardson was declared missing, followed by Latonya Wilson (7) and Aaron Wyche (10) on June 22 and 23.  The parents were alarmed by the increasing disappearance and the government took extra action to ensure the safety of the kids.  But nonetheless, the series of disappearance continued.

Anthony Carter and Earl Terell were found murdered in July of 1980.  Five more occurred between month of August and November of the same year.  Then on January 1981, Lubie Geter went missing.  His friend Terry Pue also went missing on the same month.

Two murders associated with the crime happened on the month of February 1981 and four on March.  The last known victim was said to be the 27-year old Nathaniel Carter.  Wayne Williams who was implicated in the murder was only connected on the two crimes which were the 27 year old Nathaniel Carter and Jimmy Ray Payne, both adult.

If we were to analyze the method of killings, the killer was only interested in children, but the said perpetrator was proven guilty on two crimes which were both an adult.  Were the authorities pushed through the limit and decided to connect an innocent person due to the popularity of the crime and the media coverage?  Up to this day Wayne Williams maintains his innocence.


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