Beasts of Satan

The Beast of Satan is an alleged satanic group in Italy that was blamed for a series of notorious crime that is said to be one of the gruesome murders in Italy.    The first incident supposedly happened in January of 1998. Chiara Marino (19) and her boyfriend, Fabio Tollis (16) were stabbed to death by their own friends as a form of sacrifice to their cult. Andrea Volpe, Mario Maccione and Nicola Sapone buried their corpses in the woods while allegedly singing and screaming “Now you're both zombies! Try to get out of this hole, if you dare!"

Authorities initially declared that the two couple might have run away but Michele Tolis do not believe it.  He decided to start his own investigation.  On the night that they disappeared Nicola Sapone forced Fabio Tolis to call his father and tell him that he is no longer coming back home because he loves to sleep with her girlfriend so much.  Michele Tolis immediately noticed that there is something wrong with his son.

Michele Tolis uncovered that his son is connected with a satanic cult.  His love for hardcore music and the color of black that he and his friend seems to be interested.  He carefully made a detailed analysis over the next 6 years and when the third murder happened, he presented his own investigation to the authorities which they used to connect the murder to Andrea Volpe.  And after Volpe fall into the hands of the police, one by one the members of the group was arrested.

Nicola Sapone together with three other members of the cult was sentenced with a life imprisonment.  The incident led to the realization that the cult of Satanism is growing in Italy and was attracting the youth.  The Italian police decided to create a special unit that deals with dangerous religious sect particularly those who are Satanists.


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