Uthikoloshe is a vampire creature that is described to be hairy and small and wears clothing made up of sheepskin.  It is said to be the most powerful familiar that a witch can ever have.  The creature is a part of the legend of the Xhosa people located at the southeastern region of South Africa.

The Uthikoloshe is different from tikoloshe who has a striking resemblance to a monkey.  The Uthikoloshe can either be a male or a female creature.  The creature is also in possession of an amulet embedded with a magical charm that grants him the ability to be invisible.  They can also send realistic dreams and nightmares to their victims.  Usually those dreams involve their victims that are being strangled to death.

It speaks with a lisp and finds pleasure in the company of the children and delighted in drinking milk.  Usually this creature is said to be compassionate who wants to be left alone and do not want to deliberately cause harm to others.  But when he becomes a familiar of the witch, he is now bounded by her commands and he is required to do her biddings at all cost.

The Uthikoloshe is a lot similar to another vampiric creature, Umamlambo which lives underneath the water and is under the care of its servant which is a lizard.

The safest way to kill an uthikoloshe is by poisoning it.  Salt serves as a poison to this creature.  Mixing salt into a food and leaving it out in the open for the uthikoloshe to discover is the perfect way to kill it.  The fat of a dead uthikoloshe can be extracted into an oil to use as a potion that can kill other uthikoloshe.


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