Dr. Josef Mengele-Angel of Death

Nazi’s concentration camp has been dealing with some experiments on how to revive the dead.  First they tried to utilize the power of electricity.  They also tried testing how cold one body can endure before it reaches death.  And they also tried reviving those who died of extreme cold temperature.  The experiments were found vital to win the war during the invasion of Russia.

They also used prisoners as a guinea pig and submerged them in water to tell how long one person can endure before his body gives up when on the water.  The experiment was done in order to analyze how long one soldier can go if their ship was struck in the middle of the ocean.

Dr. Josef Mengele is the leading doctor in alteration of genes and used this to try and create a special type of army.  The blue-eyed people are preferred on the region, so he tried to alter the color of the eye of some people but such test only end up on the subject being blind.

Mengele is also known as the Angel of Death is infamous in infecting human test subjects with viruses and see how long they can last if they are infected with a virus if they were left untreated.  He also remove the limbs of the test subject without using anesthesia and observe how long can one survive on that state if unattended.

Mengele prefer test subject who came from the orphanage, incestuous families and foster care homes.  These types of people are destined to sacrifice their life so the army can reach the ultimate stage.

During the test of Mengele it was known that he started to experiment on some kind of mind control medicine.  They think that it would be less risky to develop a medicine that could just enslave the mind of the top leaders of each country, similar to zombification of Haiti.

Were they successful in creating such medicine or bringing someone back to life?  Could the rumor of a zombie army that some veterans claimed be true?  Questions that maybe left unanswered due to lack of evidence that can prove it aside of course from the frontliners of the World War 2.


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