True to life Hannibal Lecter

Ilshat Kuzikov was arrested on the 14th of February 1997 for murdering and eating the internal organs of his 3 drinking buddies.  He marinated them and ate them. 

During the interview which was attended by some media people and a renowned psychiatrist Dr. Ivanov, he was able to convince Kuzikov that he is also a cannibal which prompted the suspect in sharing his recipe with the doctor.   He was presented with different human parts and he gladly shared his famous recipe.

Kuzikov has a cat named Dasha whom he claimed at one time had ordered him to kill humans.  Kuzikov was once a patient of a mental hospital.  In November 1992, one of the neighbors discovered a torso under the basement of an open house, but no one linked him to the said murder as the place is an open house and anyone has an access to it.  Three year after, the decapitated head of Misha Bochkov was discovered within the same area, but they were again unable to link it to Kuzikov.

A month later another dismembered head was found and was identified as one of the mental patient named Edik Vassilevski.  There were also jars with some pieces of meat which were believed to be the flesh of Kuzikov’s victims.

Kuzikov said that he always wanted to be a surgeon, but there are repercussions in being a surgeon.  He said that you are required to brought the pieces back together and once you were able to brought it back, you were no longer in control.  But being a killer and a cannibal is different.  He said that you can do as you please and just leave the dismembered part; you also ended up owning the severed part.

Dr. Ivanov was not able to determine what transformed the young boy into being a cannibal.  What is clear is that Kuzikov is reaching an extreme sexual pleasure watching surgical operations on TV.

The court found him suffering from mental problem and ordered him to undergo a mental treatment under a strict solitary confinement.


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