The Greek Vampire, Callicantzaros

A special type of Vampire that is only active for at least 12 days between Christmas day to the Epiphany. Accounts about the creature are mentioned in the works of Leo Allatius in 1645 entitled “De Graecorum hodie quorundam opinationibus”.  It is believed that a child born in the said 12 days has a greater chance to turn into a callicantzaros, since that day is considered unlucky.  During the rest of the year when the callicantzaros are not active they travel on some undocumented world.  Some says they live in the underworld and wait for the right time to appear.  Children who would turn into a callicantzaros act badly toward their siblings.

The callicantzaros was described by its hyper attitude and long sharp fingernails.  They are known for tearing its victim into pieces using their sharp talons.  The accounts of the people describing the callicantzaros vary.  It greatly depends on the maturity of the callicantzaros since they are believed to be a normal human being that turned into a vampire.

Up to this day, children who were born during the 12 period of days suffer a certain degree of social problem since they were mostly maltreated by the others.   Even the parents are living in fear due to their belief that their kids might end up transforming into an undead in the near future.  The first victim of the callicantzaros was often their siblings.  When the time comes that a child who was born in the day of Christmas-January 7 (The day that the three kings are supposed to arrive) transformed into a callicantzaros they would bit their own siblings and eventually devour them.

But there is a way to prevent a child from turning into a callicantzaros.  Their feet would be exposed to the fireplace until their toe nails are burnt.  Only then can the parents be assured that her kid would not turn into an undead.


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