Bela Kiss

Bela Kiss is a serial murderer who was never convicted of his wrong doings.  His series of killings started with the infidelity of his wife.  Kiss married a woman who was 15 years younger, rumors said that his wife had a relationship with their neighbor and they run away.  In year 1912, his wife and his neighbor were nowhere to be found, Kiss said that they both ran away.   This disappearance was followed by another woman who said that she is looking for a man named Hoffman.  But the police failed to search for a man bearing that name.  Some suspected that the man could be found in the town of Kiss but no one thought that it could be Kiss.

In 1914, Kiss was summoned to serve the military; he left the town and never returned.  The villagers thought that he might have been killed during the battle.  The soldiers found some container drums inside the former house of Bela Kiss and they took it for their supplies.  But the soldiers were shocked when they opened the drums. Inside the drums were the perfectly preserved bodies of naked women.   Analysis of the body shows that these women could have died due to someone strangling them, but they also noticed a deep puncture of wound on their neck and a sign that they have been drain of blood.

They continue the search inside the house of Kiss and they found more drums, some says that there are a total of 24 drums containing bodies including his wife and his neighbor.  But Kiss never returned on the village and the authorities believed that he was already dead so they close the case.

An interesting turn of event was the testimony of a nurse who tends to a dying person that fits the description of Kiss.  Some says that there are sightings of Kiss in Budapest, but every time that the local would report a sighting of Kiss, he would immediately disappear.  Kiss was never caught to pay for the crimes that he committed.


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