Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg-“The Bloody White Baron”

Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg was a Lieutenant General during the Russian Civil war.  He also became a warlord on 1921.  He gained the moniker the “Mad Baron” or “The Blood White Baron” for submitting his enemies and also his own troops into violent torture. In 1920, Ungern is also known to drink blood believing that he is a reincarnation of Genghis Khan.  He was often associated with vampirism, due to these practices.

During his school days, he had to transfer to number of school for being kicked out due to bad behavior.  And when he joined the enlistment in the military, he was known to be a tough soldier to handle than those other armies.  This could probably be the reason why he was designated to the Far East in order to deal with the Japanese and eventually the Chinese.

He was known by his enemy as a brave or rather foolish leader for charging the enemies ahead of his troops.  But despite of his achievements in war, he was later kicked out of the Russian Military.  He would then persuade his comrade Semenov to go the border of Turkey and rally a group of Christian who was being murdered by the Turkish and Persians.   But the results turned out to be mediocre.

They then decided to return to the East, Ungern believing that Mongolia should be ruled by Genghis Khan.  There were accounts that he led a group of men naked into the freezing river and wait till a pack of wolves attacked them.  The men had to fight these werewolves bare hand, it is said that half of them managed to survive that attack.  These were his own men who was being punish for being a drunkard.

On the other hand, his enemies were slowly roasted as a form of punishment.  His greatest feat would be successfully taking the control of the capital Ulan Bator to the hand of the Chinese.  In 1921, Ungern return to Russian in an attempt to invade it, but he was capture and placed into trial.  The trial was a little short; it lasted at around 6 hours and was followed by his execution on the same day.


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