Hitler’s Plan to Turn European into Zombie

During the 1930’s, a doctor of Hitler successfully discovered that an amount of fluoride mixed with water could be poisoned slowly and affect a certain part of his brain that works on rational thinking.  In effect one could be submissive to those people who would rule them.  A mix of fluoride to their drinking water could remove one’s resistance in the possible ruling of the Nazi back then.

The mixture was first tested on the prisoners.  During those times war prisoners have been subjected to number of tortures and experimentation and most of the time was use as a guinea pig to inhumane experiments.  The first to be tested are those rowdy prisoners who are tough to control.  Their drinking water were mixed with fluoride and after a continuous consumption of the said mixture, those prisoners suddenly became calm and submissive.

From a small group of prisoners, they immediately thought that this could work in a large city.  Those cities that reject to be placed under their rule could become passive and follow every command like a zombie.  They can also use this to create an entire army who would obey every will of those who control them.

After the war, A German chemist who works in a chemical company testified that Hitler has indeed a plan to go to Poland and accomplish the mass control by infecting the main water facilities.  Those people who continuously drink the contaminated water would no longer be in control of their human body.  That type of mixture was also placed on the drinking water of the German soldiers, a possible reason why so many soldiers blindly followed the command of Hitler.

But adding fluoride to the drinking water was not a part of the past. On the 18th of December, 2009 Graham Demeny resigned on his post after questioning about the safety of mixing fluoride on water supply of the city.  Can the amount of fluoride found on the toothpaste that we use everyday affect our state of mind and act into a zombie state?


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