Wild Boys

Throughout the history, there were accounts of feral children documented in the history.  One of them was the wolf-boy of Hesse, who was raised by the pack of wolves.  As they were getting old, they were able to simulate the movements of those animals taking care of them.

Another would be the case of the wolf boy of Wetterau.  The German wolf boy of Wetterau was found in the year 1344 and just like the case that was found in the forest of Hesse, he was discovered by the royal guards who were them having a hunting into the dense forest.  The boy was believed to have spent 12 years of his life with the wolves, but unlike the wild boy of Hesse he was known to live at the age of 80 years old.  The supposed feral child was found during the winter season.

Then there was this Danish bear boy which story was told by Lucilio Vaninin in 1619.  The boy was found in the woods living with bears about the age of fourteen or fifteen.  If not for his size, the young man would be impossible to identify since he has supposedly took the appearance of a bear.  Those who discovered him took him and teach him how to be civilized, but by the time that he learned how to act human, he said that he could no longer remember anything other than the time that he was taken away from the bear.

There were other case of feral children like Joseph the Bear boy,  Irish Sheep boy that was documented in the year 1672, Anna Maria Jennaert which is a case of kidnapping, the Girl Found in Issaux who was lost when she was just 8 years of age and many more.  These children have learned to adapt and in some cases took the appearance of those animals that nurtured them.  It was already documented that a child that was taken care by a wolf was able to mimic their movement, but it is possible for him to resemble their appearance like the Danish Bear Boy? If so can werewolf started from this type of incident and not just a curse?


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