Vile Vortex

Vile Vortex is the term used for the alleged distinct geographic location that is found on a pattern.  The name Vile Vortex was coined by the person who catalogued these points of location at the site of enigmatic disappearance and bizarre phenomena, Ivan Anderson.

Ivan T. Anderson is the founder and the head of a group dedicated to investigate the unexplained.  He was particularly interested in investigating the mysterious disappearance of ships and plane.  During the 1960s, Anderson focused his study on 10 distinct locations that were reportedly a site of electro-magnetic disturbance and missing incident surrounding phenomena.

Ten of the Vile Vortices are situated in the world's tropical atmospheres; five are found inside the Tropic of Cancer and five inside the Tropic of Capricorn. The last two Vile Vortices are situated at the South and North Poles. When all the Vile Vortices are traced they will shape the vertices of a 20-confronted polyhedron

Sanderson conjectured that hot and chilly air and ocean streams crossing these capsule molded territories may produce the electromagnetic peculiarities that are the reasons for the mysterious vanishings of planes and maritime vessels and the reported breakdowns in these ranges.

While it is unquestionably the most fame spot on the planet for the unexplained loss of boats and planes, the Bermuda Triangle does not claim syndication on this mainstream marvel. Indeed, one man's exploration demonstrates that the scandalous Triangle is essentially one point on an overall network of comparative areas which is called the Vile Vortex. A total of 12 Vile Vertices, each of these areas circulated equitably all through the planet are districts where surprisingly high quantities of flying machine and boat vessels meet a less than ideal and puzzling destruction.

During 1973, three scientists expand the theory of Sanderson, in their article they stated that the vile vortex is a grid of inestimable vitality composed of 12 pentagonal areas that covers earth. The article asserted that the intersections of three of the plates had bizarre properties, for example, advanced ancient societies, interesting natural life, or different secretive marvels.

The Soviet researchers illustrated a planetary framework that based on Sanderson's unique twelve Vile Vortices, covering icosahedron of Sanderson with a blend of dodecahedrons and icosahedron in parallel with a large portion of the world's seismic crack zones, sea edges and moreover depicted the world's climatic highs and lows, courses utilized by transient creatures, and gravitational peculiarities and additionally the areas of old civilizations.

Be that as it may, the planetary framework goes back to the age of Plato. Plato conjectured that the world's fundamental structure advanced from easy to complex shapes of geometric; tetrahedron, cube octahedron, icosahedron and the dodecahedron which is referred to as platonic solids. He related 4/5 shapes with, separately, the components of earth, water, air, fire and the dodecahedron together with the world's life supporting force which is aether or prana.


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