Making A Zombie Powder based on Brad Steiger:

Warning: Do not try this. It will not work unless you know the actual chants, prayers, and invocations to the Great Baron Samedi.         One Human Skull
        Assorted Bones from a Water Rat
        A Pure White Cat
        An Iguana Tail
        The Teeth of a Man 19 years dead
        A good dose of pure Vegetable Oil
        A dash or two of Datura
        Two Blue Agama Lizards of the male sex
        One Big Toad called Crapaud Bonga (Bufo Marinus) that must weigh one pound
        One Sea Snake’s brain and sex organ
        Several Pods of Itching Pea, “Pois Gratter”
        Two (Preferably Female) Puffer Fish
        Add Tarantulas, Millipedes and White Tree Frogs to taste

It is best to create the potion in the Month of June.  During that month the Puffer fish contains high amount of Tetrodotoxin.  One should observe extreme care because the toxins could affect one’s skin.

1.       You should bind the snake to the legs of the Toad.  Place them in a container (jar) and bury them.  (This step is believed to increase the toxin of the toad)

2.      Expose the skull into the fire with a thunderstone mixed with enchanted oil and burn it until it becomes black.

3.      Cook the ingredients of the animal and grind it with the plants into a mortar and pestle then add the splinter of the bones.

4.      One should perform the Juju spell

5.      Continue grinding until it became a powder.  Put it in a jar and placed it inside the coffin with the other remains for three days.

This zombie potion is also called a coup powder.  They said that once you ingested the potion, the toxin level would instantly kill you.  It is dispersed onto the threshold or by touching the skin of the target.

After the zombie awakens, you should bite the tongue of the zombie as a way of sealing the deal.  The tongue should always be kept near the voodoo master because the zombie would obey any orders of those who possess his tongue.  The zombie will obey the order of other people if their master told them to do so.


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