Jumlin is said to be the father of all vampires, the creature came from the lore of Cherokee, Lakota and Big Foot nation.  The creature was depicted as a human but with a possibility of turning into a monster when feeding.

Based on the legends, a medicine man got married to a woman named “Laughing Sky”.  But unfortunately Laughing Sky was unable to bear a child.  The man prayed continuously to the gods hoping that they would grant him a child but it seems the God does not hear his prayers.  The man was feeling desperate so he sought the help of the dark spirits who promised to give him lots of children.  The demon named as Jumlin possessed the body of the medicine man and transformed into a monster that fed on the blood of human.

The Jumlin stay true to his words and gave Laughing Sky a bunch of kids.  But the possessed medicine man is not contented with Laughing Sky and started raping and impregnating random women.  His kids were also wicked and evil like him, but one of them stands out from the other, his name is Laughing Bear.  He was said to be the youngest kid of Laughing Sky.  After giving birth to Laughing Bear, Jumlin sucked the energy out of Laughing Sky and killed her.  Finally a group of hunter was formed to hunt Jumlin and his offspring.  Jumlin was aware of it and quickly escape the land.  They went from tribe to tribe unleashing their terror and impregnating the women of the tribe.  Jumlin would then leave his offspring and move to the next tribe.

One day, Jumlin tried to sexually assault the daughter of the chieftain.  The chieftain and his band of hunters were able to hear the cry of her daughter and rushed to the location.  Jumlin was slain by the hunters but Laughing bear and the others managed to escape.

It was believed that up to this day, the children of Jumlin that he left from tribe to tribe still exist up to this day.


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