Lievaba Vampire

Liebava Vampire is a vampire incident told by a travelling priest to Dom Augustine Calmet that happened in a small town of Moravia called Liebava.  The vampiric infestation apparently happened during the earlier part of the 18th century.

It appears as though the news about the vampire has already reach the authorities by the time that the priest is relaying the stories since they already sent a cleric together with Monsignor Jeanin to the small town of Lievaba to investigate the eerie case.

According to the villagers, a man who died four years ago allegedly came back as a revenant and started to torment them.  The story about the vampire reached a Hungarian traveler who was passing by on the near area and decided to challenge the revenant.  He was determined to put an end to these vampire manifestations and maintain the peace and safety of the people living within the community.

It was said that the Hungarian traveler created a clock tower in the town and place the shroud that was supposed to be owned by the phantom on the clock tower.  The Hungarian man watched intently and waited for any vampire that would attack him to snatch back the shroud.  The man supposedly saw the creature searching in panic with his shroud, he shouted at him and challenged him to get his shroud back and climb on top of the tower.

The vampire hurriedly climbed on top of the clock tower.  He was foaming on rage as he was preparing to kill the man who stole his shroud.  But before reaching the top of the clock tower, the man managed to land a fatal blow to the vampire and it lost its consciousness.  The man decapitated the head of the suspected vampire using a spade.

The name of the Hungarian traveler remains a mystery up to this day.  Some says he is an authentic vampire hunter others believe that he is just a travelling merchant.


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