Beast of the Androscoggin County, Killed by a Car?

August 2006, Turner, Maine- a weird looking creature was found dead and the residents were wondering if the creature that was reportedly killed a dog was the Beast of the Androscoggin County that haunt the town for more than half generation.

The creature was allegedly hit by a car while chasing a cat.  The photo of the remains of the creature spread all over news and internet but nobody knows exactly what the creature is.  This incident causes everyone to formulate their own speculation about the creature.

The creature was described to be charcoal gray and weighs at around 40-50 lbs.  Its tail is bushy, short ears and nose and a bent fangs that dangle in its lips.  Michael O’ Donnel, A resident of Turner sighted the creature before it was killed and claimed that the creature is a hybrid mutant.  He said that the beast looks evil and was letting out a horrible stench.

The past 15 years has told the area of Androscoggin about the sightings of the mysterious beast with glowing eyes and with frightening cries.  The beast was held responsible for the death of the dogs in the region.  Nearby area including Turner have their accounts of the said creature.

Nobody was able to tell what creature it is.  Some said that it can be a coyote or a wild dog; other said that it is a hyena.  Some even went far by claiming that it is a mix of a coyote and a dog making it a coydog.

Now in the recent turn out of events.  People are wondering if the creature that was killed in an accident was indeed the beast of Androscoggin.


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