Banbirpur Werewolf

On the night of August 16, 1996 a group of kids from the town of Banbirpur, India were on their way to a bathroom located outside the village when they said that a huge wolf attacked them.  The youngest of the kids named Anand was dragged by the alleged wolf in the forest.  The remaining kids can hear the poor child scream, but they can do nothing about it considering the massive size of the wolf and that Anand is tapped on the fangs of the creature.  They went back to the village to seek for help.  The authorities were immediately notified on the incident and the parents and other villagers formed a search party to investigate the woods.  After a thorough search of 3 days, they were unable to locate the alleged beast.  The only thing they managed to find was the decapitated head of Anand.  Other parts of the unfortunate victim were no longer found.  Authorities believed that those have already been eaten by the creature.

The villagers conducted a wolf hunt which consists of the police and the men of the village.  But there were not much of a wolf killed on the hunt, only less than a dozen and the type of wolf was not believed to eat human meat.  The attack on Anand was followed by other attacks, alarming the villagers that the culprit is still alive.  Some of the villagers started to think that it is impossible to find the culprit even if they killed every single wolf in the area since the real perpetrator is a werewolf.

According to the 10 year old sister of Anand who was present on the night that Anand was attacked, the creature charged them using its 4 legs, which is a clear indication that it is a wolf.  But upon grabbing Anand, the creature stand erect using its hind legs and walked like a man.  She then said that he placed Anand on his shoulder and went back into the woods.

A neighboring country, (Pakistan) claimed to kill the creature on the latter part of the year 1996.


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