Belgrade Vampire

The Belgrade vampire is a name given to the two separate vampire incident that happened in Belgrade country of Yugoslavia at around a 200-year time difference.  The first incident happened in 1732 which was initially documented by a doctor named Herbert Mayo in his works entitled “On the Truths Contained in Popular Superstition” published in 1851.  Apparently the city of Belgrade and the town surrounding it have been terrorized by vampire through an unexplainable plague.  They claimed that the vampire is also successful in turning a few of their kinds into an undead creature.  During that time a series of death was recorded on the city of Belgrade probably due to consumption which is not understood at that time.

The people decided to launch a hunt on the creature together with the people who were suspected to become a vampire.  Upon the exhumation of the corpse they found out that some of the bodies are leaning on the other side.  Their cheeks are also reddish that appears as if they recently consumed a fresh blood.   The skin appears to be leathery tough and fresh plus the nails of the deceased also grow longer. They also noticed a speck of blood on the lips of the suspected vampires.

The villagers immediately pierced the chest of the corpse releasing a shrieking sound.  A massive amount of blood which they believe was the blood of his victim from last night’s hunt also gushed out from its mouth.  Just to be sure, the villagers decided to burn them to ashes.  The details of the vampire incident were attested by 3 surgeons, a lieutenant colonel and a sub lieutenant who was present during the time of the exorcism.

The next case occurred at around the year of 1923.  The people who reside at the street of Bosanka were complaining about the alleged vampire haunts a house in number 61.  A considerable amount of damage can be seen in the house.  The people also decided to hold a procession in an attempt to dispel or drive away the evil forces lurking inside the house.  They also tried holy waters and other sacred artifacts in dealing with the haunting.  Though the villagers firmly believe that it is done by a vampiric entity, experts claimed that the incident involves a poltergeist activity.


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