Vampire Incident in Papua New Guinea

October 9, 2013, a father of an unnamed girl (3 years old) supposedly took his daughter for a walk into the woods when all of a sudden the father bit the neck of the 3-year-old girl and starts to suck her blood.  The father continues to drain the blood of her own daughter and even ate her flesh.  Two boys claimed that they witnessed the whole event.  Based on the Papua New Guinea Post-Courier, the two boys immediately report the whole incident to the local police.  The authorities were quick to respond and were able to arrest the suspect.

The local Councilor, John Kenny said that the father continues to eat her flesh while laughing at the two boys who are just too shocked to witness the whole event.  But the report gave a light to a countless of similar incident that happened in some rural areas.  Apparently this is not the first incident about a crime that involves vampirism and cannibalism.

It was the year 2012, when the authorities arrested 29 suspects for murdering and eating the brains and sexual organs of seven people who were accused of performing evil craft.  It was February, when a 20-year-old mother was blamed for the death of a 6-year-old child apparently due to witchcraft. They stripped the woman and tied and subjected to inhumane torture then finally burned her on a stack of trash at broad daylight while hundreds of people are watching.  No arrest was made on the said event.

The government decided to repeal their 1971 Sorcery Act which tends to criminalized all sorcery acts.  They also posed a death penalty for those people who killed any suspected witch.  The United Nation condemned the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Based on the report of the New York Times, Daniel Korimbao released a statement saying "These are very tough penalties, but they reflect the seriousness of the nature of the crimes and the demand by the community for Parliament to act,”


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