Babes in the Wood

The Babes in the Wood is a name given to two unidentified victims whose decomposing bodies were discovered on the 14th of January, 1953 in Stanley Park.  The investigation was slowed down due to the conclusion that the victims are a male and a female.  On 1998, a DNA test was conducted and revealed that they were both male and they were brothers.  The case remains unsolved and no suspect has been identified by the authorities.

The remains of the two unidentified kids were deliberately covered with a woman’s rain cape.  There are also other things discovered in the crime scene such as a fur coat, a shoe of a woman, a lunch box and a hatchet.  Police were thinking that the hatchet could be the murder weapon.

The two children were around the age of 10 and 6, and their remains eventually ended up as a display in the Museum.  In 1998, their remains were removed from the Vancouver Police Museum to conduct a DNA testing.

Prior to the discovery of the remains of two unidentified victims, there were two witnesses who reported about seeing a man and a woman strolling through the Stanley Park with two boys, one of them was reportedly carrying a hatchet.  Later on that day, the witness claimed that the woman was seen walking alone, but the woman was only wearing one shoe that is covered with blood.

What could’ve happened inside that woods that made the woman ran and leave his shoe and fur coat.  What happened to the man that was reportedly accompanying them when they entered the woods?

After 60 years, The Babes in the Wood murder case remains unsolved.


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