The account of a girl who once became a sexual servant zombie was told by Paul Dale Robert, a renowned paranormal investigator.  The story happened on 1974 when Robert was dating a woman named Gabriela.  When they started to became intimate on their relationship, he noticed a circular hole on her navel area.  It’s as if someone deliberately made a hole on that part of her body.  Robert asked her on how he acquired that bizarre hole and she said she was a former sexual-servant zombie.

She said she was currently having her vacation with a friend when they met and befriended two boys.  They went into dancing with the two boys, enjoying the rest of the night with some drinking of alcoholic beverages. 

There came a point that they both lost their consciousness and by the time they regained their awareness, they were already in a strange room with some men looking back at them.  Eventually they realized that they are in the Middle East.  Every night they would be given some type of hallucinogens and men would use them for sexual pleasure.  There was really nothing they can do about it.

Then Gabriela felt like she had enough, she tried to escape but was caught.  As a form of punishment a chunk of flesh was taken away from her body.  Due to the pain it seems like Gabriela was able to gain her sanity back.  During the time that he spent on that place, she was not literally in control of her own body.  She claimed that she was being control of the people who was holding her.

Gabriela was saved by a group of mercenary that was hired by her father who was a former Nazi officer.  


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