The Happy Vampire

Catacano is a vampire that laughs for no reason at all. It is also known for its toxic blood.  He usually grins at people showing his pearly white teeth and randomly spits blood to his victim.  The victim will suffer burns and other effects of toxins.  They said that the only way to kill this creature is by salt water or boiling the head of the catacano in vinegar.

This creature is a vampire from the Greek region particularly on Crete and Rhodes.  The catacano is swift when launching its attack, he is also known for being very arrogant.  This vampire has a unique way to spread his cure to others and inflict them with vampirism.  His spits that can kill someone can also turn him into a vampire.

This creature is not that popular unlike the other species of vampire.  There is a little information about this undead.  This creature is believed to be similar with another vampiric creature called Brucolaco.  Just like most of the people who turned into a vampire, catacano was cursed due to their immoral life and also for being excommunicated by the church.  They believe that this creature return from the dead after they were buried to an unholy land.  Their body will not undergo decomposition but their skin will be tough to the point that it could withstand a tough beating.

The Catacano often search for their victims on the cemetery, but also victimized random people on farm and on the road especially during noon time.  They said that they only time you can kill this creature is during Saturday with the steps provided above.  You can also decapitate their head and burn their body.


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