Werewolves in Hindenburg

Up to this day, there is still a belief in the Werewolf of Altmark.  The story of the man who could turn himself in the werewolf is still being told in the small village of Hindenburg.  There are people living up to this day claiming that they knew the account and the people involved in the story of the Hindenburg werewolf.

The story told a man who possess mystic leather made up of a werewolf skin which allegedly still has its hair.  The suspected werewolf would then tie the wolf skin into his body and that would turn himself into a wolf.  During the time that he is in a form of a wolf, he is believed to possess a superhuman strength.  He said that he could carry an entire stack of hay all by himself.  There are also people claiming that the werewolf could take an ox in its mouth and dragged it back home using its sheer strength.

But aside from his super natural strength, he also has the disposition of a wolf.  He would crave for meat causing him to attack cattle and also humans.  One man was claiming that he was attacked by the said werewolf but he managed to escape him.  But no matter how vicious he might seem to be, people are wondering how his wife managed to survive.  Rumors said that his wife new some enchantment or incantation who allegedly can control the werewolf.  They believe that the werewolf told her about the incantation.  Upon putting him in a daze, the wife would take off the wolf skin that would revert the werewolf into its original human form.

The date of this said incident is unknown, though the story has proved to be more popular than the other legends.


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