Operation: Resurrection

Operation Resurrection is one of the secret projects of the CIA in hopes of reanimating the dead.   The tests were conducted with a number of apes, those who had been proven useful would continue to the next stage, those who will not, would end up dead.

It was during the period of 1965-1966 when the CIA reconstructed the isolation chamber of the brain butcher, Dr. Cameron.  It is said that they rebuilt it at the National institute of Health.

The apes first underwent a lobotomy and then were put into a total isolation.  This experiment also made use of the radio frequency being transmitted into the brainwaves that was cultivated by Leonard Rubenstein.  Apes that were able to pick-up the signal of the radio frequency were decapitated.  Their head was also transplanted into the body of a dead ape and see if they were able to pick up the radio frequency, reanimating them in the process.

The apes that failed to meet the criteria were flooded with high frequency of radio waves, until they collapsed on the ground and lose their consciousness.  Autopsies done on the dead apes showed that their brain tissues were fried by the high frequency.

The result of the said project was never mentioned.  If in any case they were successful in reanimating a dead ape, how long would it take before they became successful in re-animating the humans?  Or are they already successful in attaining that level of knowledge?  This experiment shows that a new type of zombie can be possible other than those who were drugged using a tetrodotoxin. 


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