He Needed to Eat

Sergey Gavrilov was arrested upon being suspected of stealing a mobile phone, but the police discovered a more gruesome crime that he committed.  The body of her mom was discovered with both of her legs missing.

Gavrilov is spending much of his money on vodka and gambling machine and a little to nothing was left on his meal.  The judge further explains that Gavrilov is starving and needed to eat (apparently his own mother).

Gavrilov hit his mother in the head with a brick and strangle her to death using a cable.  The attack resulted to the refusal of his mother to give her his monthly pension due to the fact that he is just wasting his money to buy alcohol.  He placed the body of his mother in the balcony of their flat before taking the money and heading into a two-day drinking spree.

After he headed back home, he discovered that there is nothing much left for him to eat, so he decided to slice her own mother and eat her.  He said that the body looks like a frozen meat inside the freezer.

He prepared a soup and pasta with the meat of his own mother as the main ingredient.  The meat was able to last for a month.   He was sentenced to spend 15 years behind the prison cell though he was found mentally fit and normal. 

Sergey Gavrilov reduced his prison sentence after confessing that he did not enjoy the taste of his mother that much.  He said that he is just too hungry and he needed to eat; this was taken seriously by the judges and granted him a lighter punishment.


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