The Vampire Facial, a New way of Anti-aging

The Vampire facial involves a doctor creating a small puncture wounds on your face allowing a significant amount of blood to flow through it.  The doctor would then start to spread the blood all over your face in claims that it will make you look younger.  Somehow similar to what a witch told to Elizabeth Bathory during the old age, but this time a certified plastic surgeon is recommending this procedure.

Dr. Marotta claims that in order for the procedure to proceed, he would need at least 3 vials of blood from the patient.  The doctor would then place it in the centrifuge at around 20 minutes allowing it to spin continuously.  The blood would be separated into different components while the platelets will be concentrated.  The platelets would then be injected back to the owner using a fine needle.  Dr. Marotta said that the changes would be visible as soon as the procedure was done, but the full effect would be witnessed after 3-4 weeks.
The Vampire Facial costs at around $400-$1,000. Patient should also be ready to tolerate moderate pains as they would be experiencing a sense of discomfort through the puncture wounds.  But the doctor also said that patient should be careful in choosing a surgeon that would perform the vampire facial to them. 

If the blood does rejuvenate the skin, then the prescription of the witch to Elizabeth Bathory was indeed correct.  It’s just that Elizabeth Bathory took it to the next level by murdering women to extract their fresh blood.


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