Yara ma Yha who.

Yara ma Ya who is a vampire creature of Australia.  They have a very big head which is not proportional for their short bodies.  But what is different from this type of vampire is that it has a very huge mouth but it doesn’t have a set of teeth, instead it uses its feet and hands which have suckers like the tentacles of octopus to suck the blood from its victims.

These creatures usually lives in a fig tree, they do not hunt for food, instead they will wait for someone to take a rest under the fig tree, and when they least expect it, the yara ma yha who would jump into them, place their hands and feet into their body and start sucking their blood.  But it doesn’t end up there, when the victim started to feel weak; the creature will devour him and drink some water and will go to a nap.  When the yara ma ya who awakened it will regurgitate the victim, this time the victim will look a little reddish, the yara ma ya who would repeat the process over and over again until the victim turned into a yara ma ya who.

It is not the intention of this creature to kill its victim.  Elders are advising the people especially the children to not resist the Yara ma ya who when it attempted to devour them since they have a bigger chance to survive on that way.

The victim of this creature would undergo a slow process of transformation, first it will change its height then it will start to grow hair all over the body and become a little more reddish until he became the vampire creature.

This story was told to the children members of the tribe who were exhibiting bad behavior and tried to leave the village to wander into the woods.


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