The existence of vompir, a vampire revenant prevails in Bulgaria and Macedonia.  The female vampire spirit is called Vompira.  This type of vampire is created when the person who died was not properly buried or not properly mourned.  Those who also died on disgrace and those who died of unnatural causes are also believed to become a vompir.  For example, those who took suicide and those who died while giving birth are feared to become a vompir.

The spirit would return to the land of the living but it tends to possess other body of a corpse and control it.  Though the idea of reanimating a corpse is more associated to ghouls, vompir is considered a vampire due to the manner of its attack.  The vompir would launch its attack at night while the victim is sound asleep.  He would then suffocate his victim and start to drain his blood.

If someone found himself under the attack of a vompir, praying to the God of night and darkness is considered an effective way to drive the spirit away.  It is also wise to pray to Troyan (goddess of Beauty and love) and Lada (deliverance).

Aside from his ability to control a lifeless body, the vompir can also cause someone to experience horrifying nightmares.  He is also held responsible for causing drought and for diverting rivers.  These are some unique abilities that are only possessed by this unique vampire specie.

A vompir can be vanquished when it is in possession of a corpse.  The reanimated corpse must be decapitated. His arms and feet should then be cut off.  The whole body is bounded or stabbed with a stake that is made up of an aspen wood or insert a raven’s claw into his head.  The body must then be reburied under a big millstone. 


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